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UW Drupal Users Group

Community Themes and Modules

These are themes and modules maintained by the UW Drupal users group or by other UW groups who are willing to share their code with the campus community.

Custom Themes

Name / Link Drupal Version Authors/ Maintainers Description
UW Boundless 7, 8-dev UW Drupal Users group (patches welcome) The UW Boundless Drupal theme is based on the UW Boundless WordPress theme and maintained by volunteers within the UW Drupal community. Bugs and feature requests can be reported using the issues queue (preferred) or by emailing Community contributors welcome - submit a patch or pull request.
UW 7 UW Drupal Users group An older UW-branded Drupal 7 theme, based on the previous UW Wordpress theme designed by University Marketing.

Custom Modules

Name / Link Drupal Version Authors / Maintainers Description
UW Auth (via mod_shib and shibd) 8 iSchool An AuthenticationServiceProvider module that leverages Shibboleth via Apache's mod_shib and shibd through environment variables. 
UW Auth (via UW Groups or Active Directory) 8 DEOHS Provides authentication using Shibboleth, and automatic role assignment via UW Groups or Active Directory. Requires Apache and mod_shib configured to expose the uwnetid attribute.
UW Giving 8 College of Arts & Sciences (patches welcome) Embeds UW Advancement Online Giving forms on your site. Adds configurable blocks that can be placed on any page to include a giving form, with options for fund types, allocation codes, appeal codes, and more. Send your Bitbucket email to to request access to this module.
UW Groups 7 iSchool Maps UW Groups to Drupal roles, using the UW Groups Web Service.  Some server-side configuration is required to authorize your server to connect to the GWS.
UW Marketo 7, 8 College of Arts & Sciences (patches welcome)

Adds sign-up form that lets users subscribe to Marketo preference(s). The form settings can be managed by non-technical editors. Send your Bitbucket email to to request access to this module.

UW Trumba 7, 8 College of Arts & Sciences (patches welcome)

Trumba is the campus-wide event calendar system.  This module lets you embed a departmental Trumba calendar on your website, and optionally add blocks with the date finder, search, and category filters, or with upcoming events.  For help getting your Trumba calendar established, see UW Event Calendar Help. Send your Bitbucket email to to request access to this module.