University of Washington Online English Language Self-Placement Test (UWOELST)


This test contains 20 multiple choice questions. You will have about 10 minutes to complete the test. When you have finished, you will receive your score and recommendations about which course would best fit your needs.

1. Her research project, _____ was recently published, is about a new technology.
in which
2. The exam _____ at this time last year.
was being developed
has been developed
had developed
has developed
3. How many minutes does the test take? Does it say _____?
how long does it take
how long it take
does it take
how long it takes
4. I'd help you with the move if I _____ a car, but mine is being repaired.
would have
would have had
5. By the time Mary _____ her homework, her friends had already left the library.
was finished
has finished
6. He _____ hard for the past year.
will have been studying
has been studying
was studying
7. _____ from them sooner, I would have been able to take time off from work when they were here.
If I would hear
Did I hear
Had I heard
If I heard
8. When the data is complete, it _____.
will analyze
will be analyzed
9. When I saw Frank, he said Forsythe was the winner of the election. But he _____ that, since there is still voting going on tonight.
couldn't have known
might not have known
wasn't supposed to know
mustn't know
10. During the electrical storm, we were running across campus when one of the trees _____.
was hitting
was hit
11. Where are the students _____ need to take the placement test?
12. That research _____ several years ago.
was done
had been done
has done
13. "She must be home now. She gets off work at 4:30."
This means _____.
It is strongly advised that she go home now.
It is suggested that she go home now.
It is necessary for her to go home now.
It is a strong conclusion that she is at home now.
14. Do you know _____?
when is the test
when the test is
when does the test
when the test does
15. He _____ to be back by now. His class finished an hour ago.
must not
is supposed
may not
16. "She has completed all of the assignments."
This means _____.
She is still doing the assignments.
She has no more assignments to do.
There are still some assignments to do.
(None of the above)
17. _____ lending me your car this weekend? Mine is giving me problems.
Do you mind
Could you
If you can
Will you
18. "Barb wishes she hadn't spoken in the meeting."
This sentence means _____.
Barb spoke in the meeting and she is sorry she did.
Barb didn't speak in the meeting, but she wanted to.
Barb wanted to speak in the meeting, and she is sorry she didn't.
Barb didn't want to speak in the meeting, but she did.
19. The area of the office _____ my desk is gets a lot of light.
(None of the above)
20 Since he _____ the university, he has been working in an accounting company.
had left
has left