Tumaini Rucker Coker, MD, MBA

Associate Professor of Pediatrics; Director of Research, Center for Diversity and Health Equity

Seattle Children's Research Institute
2001 8th Ave
Seattle, WA 98121
Phone: 206-884-0559
Email: tumaini.coker@seattlechildrens.org
Seattle Children's Profile

Leadership Roles

Director of Research, Center for Diversity and Health Equity Director of Improvement Initiatives, The Primary School Chair of Membership, Diversity, and Inclusion for the Academic Pediatric Association

Clinical, Research and/or Teaching Responsibilities

Dr. Coker's research focuses on designing and testing new and innovative methods of delivering primary care services to children in low-income communities. She collaborates with community clinics and pediatric practices to design and investigate innovative ways to improve the delivery of primary care services to children of low-income families. Her current community-partnered projects are funded by PCORI, NIH, and private foundations, and focus on:

  • Designing and testing innovative models for preventive care,
  • Using telehealth to improve access to behavioral health services,
  • Addressing socioeconomic disparities in care for children, and
  • Designing and implementing integrated school, health, and parent support programs
Her work has been published in various journals including JAMA, Pediatrics, and the American Journal of Public Health, and has been featured on mainstream media outlets including CNN, USA Today, and NBC. She is a recipient of several national awards, including the Nemours Child Health Services Research Award and the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) Herbert W. Nickens Faculty Fellowship. Dr. Coker practices primary care pediatrics and teaches medical students and pediatric residents.


Division Chief

Mangione-Smith, Rita M., MD, MPH


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