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Trigger Finger Release

Hand Therapy

Following your surgery for trigger finger, you will have a bulky post-operative dressing on your hand. You will be instructed to remove these dressings on your own in 2 to 3 days, and place a band-aid or other small dressing to your incision site. You should keep your hand elevated to reduce edema (swelling). You may begin gentle finger exercises after your surgery. Please avoid using your hand for heavy lifting or gripping until you are given clearance by your surgeon or therapist. You should keep your hand clean and dry until your sutures are removed.

Your first follow-up visit with your surgeon will be 10 to 14 days from your surgery. Your sutures will be removed at this time if your wounds are healed. At this time, you will be referred to see an Occupational Therapist who specializes in hand therapy. You will be instructed at that time in additional finger range of motion exercises, scar massage, and gentle strengthening exercises to be performed at home. In general, this will be the only therapy visit that is required. You should plan to continue your home exercise program for about one month following your surgery.

Following a trigger finger release surgery, you should expect:

  • Mild post-operative swelling
  • Mild decrease in range of motion
  • If you are diabetic, your recovery time may be delayed. You may need to have several follow-up visits with a hand therapist to regain full range of motion.