Harborview provides 24 hour access to forensic medical exams and care related to sexual assault, child physical abuse or other crime related injuries through the HMC Emergency Department. The HATC Clinic provides non acute medical exams for sexual assault and child physical abuse.
All victims are seen by specially trained medical providers and social workers who assess need, provide support and information, and provide highly skilled medical care.

Harborview SANE’s (Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner’s) provide forensic medical exams at:

The purposes of the sexual assault forensic exam are to:

  • Examine for injury and co-existing conditions
  • Document the findings and photograph when needed
  • Collect evidence 
  • Provide testing for sexually transmitted infections and pregnancy 
  • Treat, when appropriate, to reduce the chances of sexually transmitted infections and pregnancy 
  • Communicate with law enforcement and, for children, child protection professionals 
  • Coordinate care and follow up as requested and appropriate

For more information on forensic exams, a list of medical providers by county specifically trained to provide medical care to sexual assault victims, Washington Forensic Guidelines and other sexual assault service resources, go to

Non-acute medical exams are provided at our medical clinic during clinic hours. All appointments are with a specialty medical provider and social worker. To talk with someone about an appointment, please call our clinic @ 206-744-1600.