Applyweb Recommendation Help

Reminders, waivers, and changes

Access your Applyweb status page

Regular freshman applicants can see the status of an application/recommendation at:

International applicants can go to:

The Recommendation menu

On the right-hand side of the "Online Recommendations" section, there is an "Action" button that will have a number of options depending on whether or not your recommender has started the recommendation. If your recommender has not started, you will be able to:

  • Edit/change your recommender
  • Edit your FERPA waiver response
  • Send a reminder email containing the special login URL to your recommender

If your recommender has already started the form, you will only be able to use the "Send Reminder" option from the menu. If your original recommender will be unable to finish an online recommendation that has been started, then you will need to use the paper recommendation form.

applyweb screenshot