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Year at UW: Fourth

About me: Hi, I'm Annie! I'm a fourth generation Husky in my senior year at UW majoring in neurobiology and planning on applying to medical school. I'm from a small town so feel free to ask me about adjusting to city life or what it's like going to such a big school! I've done two study abroads in Africa through the Honors program, am pursuing a triple minor in African Studies, Bioethics, and Global Health, do genetics research, and spend a lot of time working with Seattle homeless populations through the student group E.T.C.H. (Education Transforming Community Health) and the U District's young adult shelter, ROOTS. Feel free to ask me about any of the above! I'd be happy to give you advice on how to handle premed coursework, mixing natural and social sciences, study abroad, or getting started volunteering with homeless folks! I was in honors housing and have already completed almost all of my honors coursework, so I can give you any input you'd like on honors-specific topics. I would love to talk over email, show you around, or just chat over a cup of coffee at Café Allegro!

Contact preferences

By Phone: (360)301-2079


In Person: Just email me to set up a time!


General area(s) of study: Pre-Health, Social Sciences

Current or intended majors: Neurobiology

Current or intended minors: Global Health, African Studies, and Bioethics

Housing Experience

  • Honors Housing
  • Off-Campus Housing


Study Abroad: Honors Sierra Leone (2011), Honors Morocco (2012)

Research: Genetics Research (Dunham Lab)

Volunteering/Service: E.T.C.H. (student group that holds health discussion groups for homeless adults); ROOTS young adult shelter; ISIS (UWMC surgical simulation institute)

Leadership: E.T.C.H. program co-coordinator; MEDIC president

Clubs/RSOs: MEDIC (medical ethics discussion group)

Internships: ROOTS young adult shelter internship

Scholarships: Mary Gates Research Scholarship

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211 Mary Gates Hall : Box 352800 : Seattle, WA 98195-2800
206.543.7444 : 206.543.6469 FAX
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