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Year at UW: Second

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About me: I am an Interdisciplinary Honors student with hopes of completing French Departmental Honors in my senior year. I was accepted into the Honors program as a Freshman, and have taken at least one Honors prefix course per quarter. Currently I am in the process of completing one experiential learning project (community service) and one Ad Hoc project for Honors credit. I lived in Haggett Hall Honors Housing my Freshman year, and I live in Steven's Court this. I plan on studying abroad in Ifrane, Morocco for the entire year 2014-2015 school year, or undertaking the Bonderman Fellowship if I happen to receive it :) I was born and raised in North Seattle, and decided to come to the UW in part because of its Honors program. I thought that it would provide me with the education rigor that I sought, and I was not disappointed! My past honors classes include Philosophy of Gender, Exploring the Heart of Darkness, The Water Crisis in Literature and Film, and Cultural Meanings; The Universalities of Language. Next quarter I plan on taking CSE 142 with the Honors Seminar.

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General area(s) of study: Humanities

Current or intended majors: French and Linguistics

Current or intended minors: (none)

Housing Experience

  • Honors Housing
  • Off-Campus Housing
  • Other Student Housing


Study Abroad: Morocco 2014-2015

Research: Linguistics research project concerning disfluencies in Congressional Speeches

Volunteering/Service: I have volunteered at Honors Events before

Clubs/RSOs: Active participant in French club, member of UW Mens Glee Club

Athletics: Washington Ultimate Frisbee A-Team member

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