The UW Information School Law Librarianship Program has a proud tradition of providing the most comprehensive education for the law librarianship profession since it was begun in 1939.  Graduates of the Law Librarianship Program have been employed in all facets of law librarianship and legal organizations, both on a national and international level. Having over 314 law librarian alumni, the  Law Librarianship Program  is the number one program in the United States according to the U.S. News & World Report rankings. 

In addition to the academic excellence of the courses offered at the Information School, the Law Librarianship Program has a long history of cooperation with the UW Marian Gould Gallagher Law Library.  The Law Library provides the opportunity for each student to participate in an internship to work with staff members in the Reference and Circulation Departments, along with exposure to the entire library organization. This combination of a rigorous academic background and practical work experience make the Law Librarianship Program the most successful program in the profession.

2019 AALL Annual Meeting Reception News

The UW Law Librarianship Alumni Reunion at AALL is on Saturday, July 13 at the Henley Park Hotel (926 Massachusetts Ave NW, near the Convention Center) from 7-10pm. Penny Hazelton will be there as well as our special guest and co-host, Anind Dey, Dean of the Information School.