LEAH Social Work Fellow

Anmol Teer completed her bachelor’s degree in Psychology at the University of California, Santa Cruz. Shortly after, she began working for LifeMoves, a nonprofit based in the Bay Area, where she worked with children, youth, and families experiencing homelessness. She is currently a second year Master’s of Social Work student at the University of Washington with a concentration in health. She completed her first year practicum at the Puget Sound Kidney Centers where she worked in an interdisciplinary team to assist patients diagnosed with kidney disease.

Training goals: 

1. Gain counseling skills with adolescents, caregivers, families and groups; especially individuals who are living with chronic illnesses.
2. Create a safe and comfortable space for adolescents, caregivers, families, and groups to discuss health and mental health concerns.
3. Gain knowledge about decision-making processes in regards to healthcare as well as learn how to navigate obstacles that come up for adolescents and families in a healthcare setting.
4. Develop creative avenues for adolescents with chronic illnesses to voice their experiences and coping mechanisms.

Interests & Projects : 

Anmol is interested in learning about the barriers adolescents and their families face when encountered with healthcare. Specific elements she would like to explore are healthcare disparities, coping mechanisms, quality of life, and preventative medicine. In the future, she would like to develop a community health program that focuses on prevention services for children, youth, and families. In addition, create a space where providers can collaborate together to come up with tools to educate and help the community prevent disease and cope with mental health. Lastly, open the space to adolescents to be able to use creative avenues to discuss health/mental health concerns that they are not necessarily comfortable talking about with parents or doctors.