Social Work Faculty

Mr. Schlocker is a Clinical Instructor in the School of UW Social Work and the Social Work Lead for the Division of Adolescent Medicine at Seattle Children’s Hospital. Mr. Schlocker is a Washington State licensed independent clinical social worker and has been a long-standing practicum instructor for MSW students attending the School of Social Work. He provides lectures and seminars at the School of Social Work on adolescent health topics including adolescent development in the context of chronic and acute medical disorders and diagnosis and treatment of mental health disorders in adolescents. Mr. Schlocker has developed a more recent interest in bullying and provider’s roles in intervening to prevent bullying. He has presented a well-received workshop on this topic at SCH Pediatrics Grand Rounds and has adapted this presentation for a planned workshop on bullying at the 2012 Society for Adolescent Health and Medicine Meeting in New Orleans in March, 2012. He was part of the interdisciplinary development committee for the Adolescent Wellness Program and led the development of parent and youth group activities for the program. Prior to joining the Division of Adolescent Medicine, Mr. Schlocker worked in the Department of Psychiatry at Seattle Children’s Hospital as a mental health therapist focusing on the diagnosis and treatment of Asperger’s Disorder and high functioning autism and treatment of anxiety and depression. Currently, Mr. Schlocker works with physicians in the Adolescent Medicine Clinic on factors ranging from short-term treatment for school refusal and anxiety to teaching parenting skills to parents of behaviorally challenging adolescents. Mr. Schlocker serves as the social work lead and as the co-lead of the Advocacy/Policy Committee and they, together with Dr. Catalano, will oversee the development of the advocacy curriculum.