LEAH Social Work Fellow

Natalie Meade completed her bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Communications at the University of Washington. She is now in the second year of her Master’s of Social Work at the University of Washington, with a concentration in children, youth and families. Natalie completed her first year practicum at South Shore K-8 School.

Training goals: 

1. Strengthen clinical knowledge and therapeutic skill sets
2. Develop research acumen to advance knowledge and improve advocacy about adolescent health
3. Strengthen leadership abilities to support effective professional collaboration and influence change in clinical practice and healthcare systems
4. Promote positive development and well being for youth, families and their communities through a holistic, multidisciplinary team approach

Interests & Projects : 

Natalie is interested in barriers that affect adolescent health, including disparities in healthcare, access to resources and healthy environments, trauma, and mental health concerns. Additionally, she is interested in adolescent development of social-emotional skills, the role of parents, schools and communities in these processes and addressing disparities through programs and services within the context of an adolescent’s unique environment.