Charter and Structure

Advisory Committee on Trademarks and Licensing Charge

From University of Washington President Michael K. Young, 2012

PURPOSE:  Advise the President and other policy makers in the UW administration on how best to ensure that all products bearing registered trademarks of the University of Washington are produced under humane working conditions as defined in the University’s Code of Conduct for licensed manufacturers.


  • Provide advice about the content and implementation of the University’s Licensee Code of Conduct to ensure that the University is requiring licensees to conform to high ethical standards that respect the rights of workers. 
  • Advise the University administration with regard to initial and ongoing review and evaluation of licensees’ corporate responsibility capacity and performance.
  • Recommend remedial action that may be appropriate if and when violations of the University’s Code of Conduct are identified.
  • Consider and advise the President as to the most effective ways to work with the businesses who are UW licensees.
  • Monitor and assess the value of the work of the organizations in which the University holds membership and which aspire to establish international standards for manufacturers and to hold them accountable. These currently include the Worker Rights Consortium and the Fair Labor Association. The University is committed to support, collaborate with, and benefit from organizations that are effective in their efforts to improve working conditions worldwide in the production of goods for the marketplace.
  • Undertake activities to educate the broader campus community about the global manufacture of apparel and other goods, the conditions under which they are produced, and ways universities can influence working conditions and production relationships. Raising awareness of the problems that exist in this industry is itself a valuable goal, as is  contributing to solutions where feasible and appropriate. In furthering this goal, the committee may wish to undertake research projects to add to the UW’s knowledge and information of worldwide production of collegiate licensed merchandise.


  • Length of Term:
    • Faculty and Staff- 2 academic years
    • Students- 1 academic year
  • Voting Eligibilty:
    • All members, including ex-officio members, possess a single vote. "I do not intend that some committee members should vote while others cannot. I want the advice of this well-rounded committee and to have that advice reflected in any votes it needs to take to expressing its collective view." -President Michael K. Young 5/2014