UWMC (598-) Pagers

How to Order

Fill out the "UWMC Pager Application" form which can be found here. Once the form is complete, it can be faxed to 206 598-7872 or taken to room NE-165 on the 1st floor of the medical center. Activating a new pager takes about 15 minutes.


  • Alpha pager – Can receive up to 200 characters of text per message:  $87.04

  • Pager User Guides

    Click on the pager that looks most like yours to be directed the correct user guide.

                        Advisor Alpha-Numeric Pager          Advisor Gold Alpha-Numeric Pager
                            Advisor Alpha                         Alpha Gold

    Repair or Lost Pager

    If your pager is broken or lost, come to room NE-165 on the 1st floor of the medical center. If your pager is broken please bring the broken unit with you. If your pager is lost, please be sure that you know the pager number.
    Lost or water damaged pagers are subject to the one time equipment charge. If a lost pager is found a credit will be issued to your budget.

    Pager Features

  • Alpha-numeric text messaging – All alpha pagers can receive messages up to 200 characters in length. You can send alpha messages to the pager via the following email address: 598XXXX@pager.uwmc.washington.edu, where XXXX equals the last 4 digits of your pager number.
  • Group paging – A group number can be set up for your department or floor. Group pagers allow for one number to be paged and several pagers to go off with the same message. To set up a group or for information on existing groups, call 206 598-6367.

    If you have questions or cannot get these features to work on your pager, please call us at 206 598-6367.

  • Changes to User Information or Budget

    To change the budget that a pager is being billed or the user name on a pager, call 206 598-7071 or send an email request to Linda Bellile, bellile@u.washington.edu.

    Please be sure to include the pager number when you call or email.

    Contact Us

    Questions regarding UWMC pagers can be referred to:
    Linda Bellile, 206 598-7071

    Send mail to: teleserv@u.washington.edu
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