Cases in Pulmonary Function Test Interpretation

In the remainder of this tutorial you will find 12 cases designed to help you improve your test interpretation skills. Each case includes a short clinical vignette and variable amounts of pulmonary function test data. You will then find a series of multiple choice questions regarding the information in the case. After reading each question, click on what you think is the correct answer. Upon choosing the correct answer, you will be directed to an explanation for that question. If you choose the incorrect answer, you will be prompted to choose another selection. The cases have been laid out in a specific order in order to build skills in a step-wise manner. You can opt to proceed through the cases in order or may go to a specific case by clicking on the case number below.

Before working through the cases, you are encouraged to complete the “pre-test” and assess your state of knowledge with this material. To access the “pre-test” click here.

Click here to start at the first case

Or, click on one of the individual cases on the left.

After completing the cases, you are encouraged to complete the “post-test” to assess how well you learned the material in the tutorial and identify any areas that warrant additional review. To access the “post-test” click here.