Residents & Fellows Global Health Seminar

June 3, 2013
Technology Advancements in Global Health:  Perspectives from PATH
Facilitator: Jill Schondebare
Guests: Courtney Jarrahain, Dunia Faulx
July 1, 2013
How to Go Abroad During Residency
Facilitator:David Watkins, Katie Benziger
Guest: Joseph Zunt
Aug 5, 2013
Global Health and Pulmonary/Critical Care Medicine
Facilitator: Camille Puronen
Guests: David Horne, T. Eoin West, Kristina Crothers
Sept 9, 2013
Pathology in a Resource Limited Setting: The Kenya Experience
Facilitator: Claire Murphy
Guests: Rochelle Garcia, Emily Glynn, Corinne Fligner
Oct 7, 2013
Northwest Health & Human Rights Project: Providing Medical care to Torture Survivors
Facilitator: Josh Lacsina
Guest: Mahri Haider
Nov 4, 2013
Cholera in Haiti: Treating a Previously Unseen Epidemic
Facilitator: Rachel Bender Ignacio
Dec 2, 2013
Medical Evacuation in Afghanistan
Facilitator: John Distelhorst
Jan 6, 2014
Training Health Providers in South America, The Carribean, Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa: Perspectives from I-TECH (International Training and Education Center for Health)
Guest: Christopher Behrens
Feb 3, 2014
Healthcare Delivery in Complex Humanitarian Emergencies
Facilitator: Diya Surie
Guest: David Townes
Mar 3, 2014
 Achieving Health For All in the 21st Century
Facilitator: Debi Haisch
Guests: Steve Gloyd
Apr 7, 2014
Tell Me Your Story: Primary Care for the Newly Arrived Refugee
Facilitator: Noelle Benzekri
May 5, 2014
Discussion and Case Presentations of Ultrasound Use in Low and Middle Income Countries
Facilitator: Jody Waldron
Guests: Sachita Shah
June 4, 2014
Global oncology: local efforts to advance women's cancer advocacy, research and cancer care in Eurasia and Africa
Facilitator: Vinay Gupta
Guests: Julie Gralow, Levan Jugeli, Rema Gvamichava, Olga Streltsova