Research Pathway

The ABIM Research Pathway

This Research Pathway is intended for trainees actively pursuing academic careers as investigators in basic science or clinical research. After two years of full-time clinical training in Internal Medicine, participants who are competent in the ACGME six core competencies transition to a period of three years of research training with or without clinical subspecialty training.

The UW Internal Medicine Residency Program fully supports residents who believe this pathway is the best training option to meet their goals. Up to 4 U.W. Internal Medicine residents may participate in any academic year. Program leaders commit to helping qualified candidates identify faculty mentors and apply for subspecialty fellowships. From 2001 to 2016, 100% of the 40 participants matched to a subspecialty fellowship, 78% at U.W. and the remaining 22% at other top academic programs.

Participants from our program:

  • typically have extensive prior research experience with or without MD/PhD degrees
  • first match into our program, then communicate interest in the pathway to the Program Director early in the R1 year (deadline December 31st).
  • most often complete research training during a subspecialty fellowship either at U.W. or another institution.
  • are not eligible for Research Electives

Although sometimes referred to as “fast-tracking”, this pathway does not shorten and sometimes lengthens total training time. Instead, it dedicates more training time to research and less to clinical skills. The ABIM emphasizes that participants who change career paths from investigator to clinician must complete the standard requirements for duration of clinical training before being eligible for certification examinations. For ABIM Research Pathway policies and requirements, see the Research Pathway Policies & Requirements sectionof the ABIM web site.

Candidates to our residency program who are considering this pathway are encouraged to contact the Program Director or Associate Program Director for Research & Scholarship at any time during the residency application process for more information.