Adult Medicine Clinic, Harborview

3 West Clinic
325 9th Avenue
Box 359892
Seattle, WA 98104
Unexpected Absence:

Email the outpatient chief resident and CC Jill Watanabe ( and Susana Orozco ( as soon as you know you’ll be out. Call the AMC back line during business hours at 206-744-6980 or 206-744-5016. Staff will inform attending providers. If you need to speak to an attending about a patient, you may call the Provider Room, 206-744-2155.

Planned Absence (at least 30 days in advance):
Jill Watanabe, MD
Education Director:
Jill Watanabe, MD
Administrative Contact:
Susana Orozco


The Adult Medicine Clinic at Harborview Medical Center provides care to a diverse patient population, including Seattle's poor and medically indigent, as well as many non-English speaking immigrant populations. Patients have a broad array of common and occasionally complicated medical conditions that often co-exist with psychiatric illness or substance abuse. Residents will frequently co-manage their patients with our clinic psychiatrist and counselors and are well supported by our social workers. Residents repeatedly cite the high degree of autonomy as one of the strengths of this site.