Pioneer Square Clinic

206 3rd Ave South
Box 39945
Seattle, WA 98104

*Residents can call security at HMC (744-3193) and take a shuttle from HMC to Pioneer Square Clinic.

Clinic phone:
Nancy Sugg
Maria Busch
Alex Molnar
Dawn Taniguchi
Leslie Enzian
Unexpected Absence:
  1. First, email Brandi Mitchell ( and Valerie Williams at (
  2. Then call the front desk at 744-1599 and have them page the attending of the day
Planned Absence (at least 45 days in advance):

Maria Busch (

Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays
First morning patient at 8:30
Pre-clinic conference at 1:00p
First afternoon patient at 1:30p


Pioneer Square Clinic provides acute and primary care to homeless and low-income patients in downtown Seattle. Patients have many of the same chronic diseases found in other primary care practices such as diabetes, COPD, CHF, and liver disease. Medical management is complicated by co-existing problems with homelessness, poverty, substance abuse and mental illness.