Unexpected Absences

In the event of an unexpected absence, you are required to report your absence to the Residency program and the appropriate individuals.

  • "I am supposed to be admitting or working on an inpatient or consult team"

    1. Complete unexpected absence form
    2. Page Chief Resident
    3. Page Attending/fellow*

      * If you do not know how to contact your attending/fellow, you can page via the hospital operator:

      Harborview 206-744-3000
      Swedish 206-386-6000
      University of Washington 206-598-6190
      VA Puget Sound 206-762-1010
  • "I am supposed to be in clinic(s)"

    1. Complete unexpected absence form
    2. Call individual clinic(s) (continuity clinic(s), specialty clinic or thematic block list)
  • "I am supposed to be attending a program event/conference"

    1. Complete unexpected absence form
    2. E-mail appropriate rotation director/faculty preceptor/chief resident