Reimbursement Policies & Procedures

The collective bargaining agreement (CBA) between the UW and the UWHA stipulates that residents will be reimbursed for Professional Development Funds (PDF), Washington State Medical Licenses and licensing examinations (USMLE Step 3).

Send any questions about the Internal Medicine Residency Program’s reimbursement policies or their administration to Please do not send e-mails to staff or faculty personal e-mail accounts as it will delay a response and any necessary action.


Fourth year medical students who match into the University of Washington Internal Medicine Residency program must be certified to perform Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) throughout internship. Prior to beginning employment. Incoming interns must provide a .pdf of ACLS certification valid through June of the R1 year. Interns will be reimbursed registration costs for an ACLS course take between the NRMP Match and the first day of employment in the University of Washington Internal Medicine Residency Program. A resident must submit a .pdf receipt for reimbursement that documents the name of participant, cost, and date of course, prior to July 15th.


Prior to beginning internship in the University of Washington Internal Medicine Residency Program, matched applicants must provide proof of passing USMLE Steps 1 and 2 (Clinical Skills and Clinical Knowledge) or COMLEX Steps 1 and 2. Interns are expected to take USMLE or COMLEX Step 3 during internship and must provide proof of passing the examination by January 1st of the R2 year.

Residents must submit both a receipt of examination payment and a Score Report documenting proof of passing to receive reimbursement. Documentation must be submitted at least 45 days prior to departing the program, or by December 31st of the R2 year, whichever is earlier.


When developing our policy, we sought clarity from the UWHA and the State Attorneys General regarding intent and allowable expenses* for Professional Development Funds (PDF). We have crafted a policy and procedure that conforms to Washington’s ethics laws as well as the intent of the CBA.

Each academic year, residents in the Internal Medicine Residency Program (IRMP) will receive $350 to help offset allowable professional expenses. Any unused funds will roll over to future academic years while in the UW IM residency program; up to $1050 in the R3 year. Unused funds will not roll over from UW IM residency to any other UW training program. Unused funds will not be paid in a lump sum upon graduation or departure from the UW IM program.

All receipts must be submitted no later than 45 days prior to departing the program.

*A list of allowable expenses is included in the attached policy. If there is something that you are considering purchasing and it is not on the list, please send a note to


Residents will be reimbursed for fees paid to the Washington State Department of Health, for medical licenses required to train in the UW Internal Medicine Residency Program. Residents must provide a receipt from the WA DOH (available by calling 360-236-2750). Receipt must be submitted by December 31st for reimbursement.


  • Residents will upload .pdf documentation via a secure portal.
  • IM Residency staff will forward the documentation to the Department of Medicine (DOM) Finance team to initiate a reimbursement.
  • Once the reimbursement request is created:
    • a DOM Finance officer will approve the request as the compliance authority
    • the IM Program will approve the request as the budget authority
    • the resident will approve the request as the recipient
  • Upon submission of all three approvals, the reimbursement will be electronically deposited into the same account the resident receives his/her salary
  • All .pdfs must be submitted no later than 45 days prior to departing the program.