Patients, Physicians and Society (PPS)

The Patients, Physicians and Society course (PPS) takes place throughout the later portion of the year (Blocks 4-13) on Wednesday mornings for interns on an ambulatory block. The idea of the course is to explore the intersection of medicine and “real life,” delving into some of the more visceral and emotional aspects of the work we do every day. There are three broad topic areas that we hope to pursue this year, and we have many fun discussions and trips planned. The topic areas are:

  1. Humanities in medicine, self-care, and well-roundedness of the physician and trainee
  2. Seeing vulnerable patients in other settings (methadone clinic, homeless shelter, prison and jail)
  3. Death and end-of-life care, communication, and difficult conversations.

Mostly, our activities will be from 9am – 11am on Wednesday mornings (it’s listed on your amion). On rare occasions, PPS may bleed into chart review from 11-12, but we’ll always be done by noon. This has been a popular course in years past and we hope it will be a fun safe space to think a little more broadly and a little less clinically about our interactions with patients and each other.