A tagline is a short and memorable summation of what a brand is all about. A good tagline can tell you with surprising power the focus and personality of an organization.

At UW Medicine, we have a tagline reflecting our clinical excellence. But it also goes beyond to give a hint about where that excellence comes from — and that’s our status as an academic health system.

Because we take care of patients and teach the next generation of caregivers and perform advanced, trailblazing medical research, we can justifiably make a claim none of our local competitors can. It’s a statement neatly summarized by these five words:

A higher degree of healthcare

Where and how to use the UW Medicine tagline

It’s hard to think of a piece of communication that couldn’t carry the UW Medicine tagline. You can include it in ads and on websites, landing pages, posters, construction signs, newsletters, direct mail, and email campaigns. However, it should not be used with more permanent communications, such as signage, business cards or letterhead.

As for how to use the tagline, please follow these guidelines:

  • The tagline should primarily be used as a separate element from any text or logos. You should avoid using it in running text if it is also being used as a stand-alone element in the same communication. 

For example, don’t do this:

Our doctors provide a higher degree of healthcare to our patients.

  • In cases when it doesn’t appear as a separate element, such as in an article, it can be used in running text but only when it supports the brand position. For instance: The new clinic was designed from the ground up to deliver on our promise to provide a higher degree of healthcare.
  • Avoid inappropriate riffing on or parodying the tagline in text or headlines. For example, DO NOT write a sentence like this example: Dr. Gabrielle Miller always strives to give her patients “a higher degree of humor” when she helps them prepare for surgery.
  • The tagline cannot be “locked-up” with any logo other than the master UW Medicine logo.  The tagline can be used as a signoff with other UW Medicine-approved logos as long as it is outside of the “lock-up” position.
  • This tagline is the only tagline approved for use by UW Medicine. Don’t alter it. Don’t use it with the University’s tagline, “Be Boundless.” And don’t create a new, separate tagline for any UW Medicine service line or program.
  • No other tagline is allowed with the UW Medicine master brand logo.

Please email tagline usage requests for review and approval to uwmmktg@uw.edu.

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