We’ve selected our color palette and style to create an energetic new look with a welcoming personality. Purple is the primary color and the same shade used by the University of Washington, taking advantage of the strong UW brand equity. We’ve also added a modern gradient treatment, which adds life, movement and energy to our header, footer and color blocks.

Our secondary palette complements our primary colors, breathing life and adding flexibility into our communications. These colors have a modern feel and are friendly, warm and inviting.

Primary color

PMS 2685 C HEX #32006e CMYK 93,100,18,21 RGB 50,0,110

Primary palette

PMS 2685 C HEX #32006e CMYK 93,100,18,21 RGB 50,0,110
HEX #5d348b CMYK 79,96,6,1 RGB 93,52,139
HEX #8663a8 CMYK 53,69,1,0 RGB 134,99,168
HEX #ae95c4 CMYK 32,43,1,0 RGB 174,149,196
HEX #d6c8e1 CMYK 14,20,1,0 RGB 214,200,225
PMS 428 C HEX #c3c5c8 CMYK 23,17,17,0 RGB 195,197,200
HEX #cdd0d3 CMYK 18,13,12,0 RGB 205,208,211
HEX #d9dbdd CMYK 14,9,9,0 RGB 217,219,221
HEX #e5e7e8 CMYK 9,6,6,0 RGB 229,231,232
HEX #f5f5f5 CMYK 4,2,2,0 RGB 245,245,245
PMS 432 C HEX #333d47 CMYK 78,64,53,44 RGB 51,61,71
HEX #566069 CMYK 68,54,46,21 RGB 86,96,105
HEX #7d858c CMYK 54,41,37,5 RGB 125,133,140
HEX #a6acb1 CMYK 36,26,25,0 RGB 166,172,177
HEX #d1d4d7 CMYK 17,12,11,0 RGB 209,212,215

American Disabilities Act (ADA) web color compliance

The American Disabilities Act (ADA) standards must be followed and will dictate color contrast choices. When paired together, not every color in the primary and secondary palettes will meet the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0. We encourage you to check your color combinations with the links below:

• Color contrast needs to meet WCAG 2.0 compliance, with Level AA:
• Full guidelines can be found at:

Secondary palette

PMS 255 C HEX #76236C CMYK 61,100,25,10 RGB 118,35,108
HEX #925088 CMYK 48,81,18,2 RGB 146,80,136
HEX #ae7aa4 CMYK 33,59,13,0 RGB 174,122,164
HEX #c9a5c2 CMYK 20,37,7,0 RGB 201,165,194
HEX #e3d1df CMYK 9,17,3,0 RGB 227,209,223
PMS 7408 C HEX #FFC700 CMYK 0,22,100,0 RGB 255,199,0
HEX #ffd233 CMYK 0,16,89,0 RGB 255,210,51
HEX #ffdd66 CMYK 1,11,72,0 RGB 255,221,102
HEX #ffe999 CMYK 1,6,48,0 RGB 255,233,153
HEX #fff4cc CMYK 0,2,23,0 RGB 255,244,204
PMS 2728 U HEX #2C6ACE CMYK 82,60,0,0 RGB 44,106,206
HEX #5688d8 CMYK 67,42,0,0 RGB 86,136,216
HEX #81a5e2 CMYK 48,28,0,0 RGB 129,165,226
HEX #abc3eb CMYK 31,16,0,0 RGB 171,195,235
HEX #d5e1f5 CMYK 14,7,0,0 RGB 213,225,245
PMS 158 C HEX #D24310 CMYK 12,87,100,3 RGB 210,67,16
HEX #db6940 CMYK 10,71,83,1 RGB 219,105,64
HEX #e48e70 CMYK 8,53,56,0 RGB 228,142,112
HEX #edb49f CMYK 5,33,33,0 RGB 237,180,159
HEX #f6d9cf CMYK 2,16,14,0 RGB 246,217,207
PMS 7713 U HEX #008995 CMYK 84,29,38,3 RGB 0,137,149
HEX #33a1aa CMYK 74,18,33,0 RGB 51,161,170
HEX #66b8c0 CMYK 58,9,24,0 RGB 102,184,192
HEX #99d0d5 CMYK 39,3,16,0 RGB 153,208,213
HEX #cce7ea CMYK 19,1,7,0 RGB 204,231,234

Additional assets

UW Medicine gradient

This gradient can be used for header, footer and color blocks. While use of this gradient is not required, it is highly recommended. The gradient is a mixture of the primary UW Medicine purple, PMS 2685, and the secondary purple, PMS 255. To achieve this gradient swatch, the Pantone colors must be converted from spot to process otherwise you will get a gray tone between the two colors as they mix. Note that the color break between the two colors should start roughly at a 5:1 ratio in favor of the primary purple. 

The UW Medicine logo can only rest within the primary purple so you may need to adjust the gradient as needed to ensure that the logo is placed properly within the gradient color.

UW Medicine angled background

A 15-degree angle is used throughout the brand graphic elements. The angle mimics the angle of the university’s block W logo and reinforces the familiar shape. On its own, the angle creates interesting graphic lines, shapes and textures.

A repeating pattern of 15-degree lines creates the angled background texture. Use this to accent your brand designs. Keep minimal contrast between the texture and your background — this element should be subtle.

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