The Huddle

Note: For topics not covered here, The Huddle follows UW Medicine editorial style and then Associated Press Stylebook (AP). It can be purchased at bookstores or viewed online. UW Libraries also provides limited AP Stylebook access for employees with NET IDs. 

Section 1: Voice and Tone

The Huddle is our internal news website designed to inform the team about the latest news and updates and build connection in our UW Medicine community. We share meaningful, valuable and useful information that is easy to understand and fun to read. 

Voice and tone

  • We are consistent with the overall UW Medicine brand: confident but not elitist, accessible and inclusive. 
  • Our tone changes depending on the situation, but we always reflect the cordial and professional relationship between co-workers.  
  • We strive to be professional, conversational, friendly and empathic.
  • We’re also lighthearted and fun when the content allows. 

Section 2: Usage Guidelines

Provider title and attribution

  • Use credentials instead of “Dr.” 
    • First reference: Use credentials after an individual’s name “Jane Doe, PhD” 
    • Second reference: Just use the individual’s last name “Doe”
  • Do not use credentials in headlines (H1): “Jane Doe Receives $10,000 Grant”  
  • Use semicolons between lists of individuals when including credentials: Jane Doe, PhD; John Doe, PhD; and Sally Smith, PhD.
  • Link to the individual’s UW Medicine provider bio.
    • If they do not have a provider bio, link to their faculty page or UW Medicine partner page (Spokane Cancer Care Alliance or Seattle Children’s bio page). If they do not have either, leave be.   

Patient attribution

  • First reference: include their full name, e.g., Jane Doe. 
  • Second reference: use their first name, e.g., Jane. 


In general, avoid acronyms to ensure ready comprehension. If you need to include an acronym, spell out the name and then include the acronym in parentheses on first reference.  

  • DO: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) updated their COVID-19 guidelines.
  • DON’T: The CDC updated their COVID-19 guidelines.
  • Note: PPE is an exception. 


  • Use AP Title Case ( is helpful).  
  • Numbers in headlines (H1) should use numerals and not be spelled out. 
  • Subheads (H2) should be in sentence case, styled without periods.

Website links

  • Hyperlinks: Use descriptive words rather than a URL to link text whenever possible.  
  • External links should open in new tab, internal (Huddle) links open in the same tab.
  • If the URL needs to be written out, do not include http:// or www. 
  • Do not use “click here” to indicate website links. 

Article format

  • Break quotes into their own paragraphs. 
  • When relevant, articles can include a quick read section at the beginning of the article:
    • [H2] Highlights | Heading (brief with no period) 
    • Something here.
    • Something here.
    • Something here. 
  • Captions
    • Opener photo caption: Include the caption for the lead photo at the bottom of the article in gray: “Photo Caption: lorem ipsum”
  • Guest writer attribution
    • Author: Guest Writer
    • At the bottom of the article put “Guest Writer: [FirstName] [LastName]
    • Except: WriterGirl articles do not receive a byline; use Huddle Editorial Team
  • Newsroom/Media Team attribution
    • Author: Huddle Editorial Team 
    • At the bottom of the article put “[Author’s Name] contributed to this article. A version of this story originally appeared on the UW Medicine Newsroom [link].

Other usage notes

  • Healthcare instead of health care 
  • When quoting someone, use “says,” not “said.” 

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