UW Medicine Logo

The UW Medicine logo is the central element in our brand identity program. This logo represents the core of the UW Medicine brand.

The two-color logo is preferred for external brand communications. The black or white logo is recommended when trying to minimize printing costs.

Co-branded partnership logo
You must obtain permission from the UW Medicine Strategic Marketing & Communications team before using a co-branded partnership logo lock-up. Please contact uwmmktg@uw.edu for co-branded logo guidance and permission.

*Please note that the white logo appears in a gray box to illustrate the reverse image. The logo should not be placed in a box.

UW Medicine two-color logo

The two-color logo utilizes our primary brand colors (purple and gold) to provide a more dynamic representation of the UW Medicine wordmark. It can be used in marketing and communications materials as outlined below.  We recommend using this logo in all approved co-branding/sponsorship opportunities where color is allowed.

Two-color logo guidelines

Size of logo:
This logo should follow the same size guidelines as the black logo in all creative.

Usage for this logo:

  • Only use on lighter color backgrounds.
  • Ensure sufficient clear space around the logo; all sides must have a clear space equal to the height of the “W” letter and proportional to the size of the logo.
  • Make all logos appear equal in size.
  • Center-align the UW Medicine logo horizontally or vertically with other logos.
  • Maintain equal distance between all logos.

Two-color don’ts

The UW Medicine two-color logo must never be altered, adjusted or redrawn in any way. Inconsistent use detracts from our brand equity and recognition and negates the consistency we strive to achieve. Examples are shown here illustrate incorrect uses of the logo.

Black and white logo guidelines

A clear area equivalent to the height of the W must surround the logo

When reversing the logo, the preference is to reverse a white logo out of the primary purple or black palette. Colors within the color palette may be used in cases where purple or black are not available or are not the best fit (e.g., T-shirts, hats, banners, etc.) 

Unacceptable usage of the UW Medicine black and white Logo

Inconsistent use of the UW Medicine logo erodes recognition and brand equity. The following examples illustrate logos that do not meet UW Medicine brand guidelines. The proper standards for logo usage should be applied across the UW Medicine system.

By using the UW Medicine logos consistently and as outlined above, you will strengthen the overall UW Medicine brand.

Black and white logo size requirements

Logo minimum size requirements are shown right. It is important to be consistent and precise, as the size of the type ensures readability of the logo.

Logo with higher degree tagline lock-up

The UW Medicine logo/tagline lock-up reinforces our clinical excellence and unique brand position as the region’s only academic health system. This lock-up can be used on all communications in place of the standard logo. When using this lock-up, the elements may not be altered or rearranged in any manner. Size requirements for the standard logo apply to this lock-up as well. For more information about the tagline, please review the “tagline” section on this site.

No other tagline is allowed with the UW Medicine master brand logo.

*Please note that the white logo appears in a gray box to illustrate the reverse image.The logo should not be placed in a box.

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