December 2, 2015

UWPA Research Symposium 2015

RSVP: http://goo.gl/forms/q3oM40lJU2

  • Enjoy an afternoon with your postdoc peers and learn about their diverse research projects
  • Award for best research talk
  • Food and drinks provided

An afternoon of great research stories with a drinks reception to follow.


1:30 pm Welcome and lunch  

2:00 pm Session 1 

Michael Fire, CSE 

Quantitative Analysis of Genealogy Using Digitized Family Trees 

Kim Siang Khaw, Department of Physics 

The Muon (g-2): probing the physics beyond the Standard Model 

Janna Schurer, Dept of Occupational and Environmental Health 

Who let the dogs out? A One Health approach to improving veterinary public health in rural and remote Indigenous communities 

Abigail Schindler, Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences 

Behavioral and neurochemical outcomes of blast-induced mild traumatic brain injury 

3 pm Break 

3:15 pm Session 2 

Luiz Oliveira, Department of Chemical Engineering. 

Molecular simulation, a crucial tool for a hydrogen-based economy. 

Winnie Ho, Department of Biology 

I SMELL A TRAP! How carnivorous pitcher plants (Sarraceniaceae) use scent to attract pollinators and deceive prey. 

Daniel Reeves, Theoretical Immunology Vaccine and Infectious Disease Division Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center 

Critical therapy efficacy from mathematical modeling of HIV 

Christopher Bahl, Biochemistry 

Unlocking the full potential of protein-based drugs with de novo disulfide-rich mini proteins 

4:15 Bar opens with snacks and free beer  

4:20 Panel: Career alternatives 

4:50 Closing remarks and prize giving 

As before we’re pleased to invite postdoctoral researchers from research institutions across Seattle, to join us.

 UWPA Committee