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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use UW Poster’s services?
Our Use Policy states “Poster production serves the University of Washington faculty, staff and students; UW affiliates; city, county, and State of Washington agencies; and the Federal government. Due to state regulations we do not provide services for personal business use or to the general public.”

What program should I use to make my poster file?
PowerPoint is widely available and easier to use than some more sophisticated graphics programs (see “ppt how to” [56K PDF]). We also support Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign and others. Call if you have questions.

What kind of files work?
Provide the “native file” from your software (ppt, ai, psd, etc.) or a full-sized EPS, PS, PDF, JPG made from your native file, particularly if you’re using software we don’t support.

What’s the turnaround time?
See the schedule on the right side of our website for cut-off and due times. Due times are determined by this schedule.

-For a proof:
Takes ½ day to print the proof on the same material you choose for the poster. We notify you via email when it’s ready for review. This is the time to make changes or corrections to your poster and submit a revised file., OR, approve the proof for printing “as is”.. Another proof may be recommended for the revised file.

-For a poster:
Takes 24 hours to print the poster on bond, semigloss, and matte papers; and on travel fabric. For example, allow 24 hours, based on our schedule, following proof approval or from the time you submitted the order without requesting a proof.

-Specialty materials, grommets, mounting and/or laminating, banner stands and large quantities:
Added production time of two days to a week or more is needed for items other than the standard poster. When planning call for more information on timeline needed for your project.

Should I get a proof?
We highly recommend it. We cannot guarantee the outcome of a poster without your checking a proof first. There are many variables in a file that can cause problems when printed. A printed proof shows if your file is compatible with our system, and how it looks on the material you chose for the poster. Colors may vary from what you expect. Also, it’s often easier to notice errors in print than onscreen.

Instructions about the next step of production are emailed to you with the notification to check your proof.

The colors printed out differently on my proof/poster than I expected.
Computer monitors and printers are calibrated differently so the color on your computer screen may NOT match the color on your printed proof or final. Also, each material we print on varies some in how it reproduces color. Checking color is one of many good reasons to request a proof.

How do I get the colors I want on my final poster?
Our production staff can help make adjustments based on your proof. Color matching to a sample may incur a fee. At times this service is unavailable due to a heavy production schedule.

What material should I use?
The majority of conference posters are printed on semi-gloss paper, matte paper, or travel fabric. Economy bond is suitable for some posters as well. Usage, longevity, durability, amount of ink coverage, photo reproduction, size, all contribute to your choice of material; call for recommendations.

What will it cost?
Cost depends on material selected, size of poster, proofs, mounting and lamination options. Call for current pricing.

What are my payment options?
We accept UW budget numbers or payment by MasterCard, Visa or personal check**. Non-budget number payments will have both a 15.6% UW overhead fee and 9.6% sales tax added.

What fonts do you support?
All fonts that come with Windows XP, Windows 7, Microsoft Office, and Mac OSX.

If you use a font the we don’t support, save the file with fonts embedded, or make a PDF or EPS file with fonts outlined in curves or paths (depending on software).

Can you ship my poster?
Yes, by UPS within the US. UPS and durable cardboard tube charges will be added to your bill.

How can I place my order?
Place order online at uwposters.com via the green button link or come to UW Posters T-271 in Health Sciences Center T-wing and use one of our lab computers to do the same thing.

Should I laminate my poster?
Lamination helps protect your poster from fingerprints, weather, damage, fading. Most posters to be used once indoors do not need to be laminated. There are size limitations to what we can do in-house.

-Front-surface, rollable lamination is available for unmounted posters. It is flexible enough so the poster can fit in a tube, but does not protect the back.

-Encapsulation laminate covers both sides of an unmounted poster offers greater protection by sealing the edges, making the poster more weather-proof, and stiffer, so not able to roll tightly.

-Erasable white-board lamination can be applied to mounted or unmounted posters.

-Lamination can be applied over a poster at the same time the poster is being mounted.

How can I get a UW logo?
Contact uwlogos@u.washington.edu. Some departments have their own logos. Use a high resolution file and “insert” it, don’t copy and paste.

Are you open during quarter breaks, on weekends or holidays?
We are open normal hours during the quarter breaks. We are closed on weekends and UW holidays. Check out the full list of holiday closures.

* Software capable of displaying a PDF is required for viewing or printing this document. Adobe Reader is available free of charge from the Adobe Web site at http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readstep2.html.

** If you pay with a check, your payment will be processed by Student Fiscal Services (SFS) at the UW. SFS processes checks electronically using the information on the check to create an electronic funds transfer. Each time you send a check, you authorize a one-time electronic transfer where funds will be withdrawn from your bank account. You will not receive your cancelled checks because SFS is required to destroy the check after it has been processed. For more information or to stop the conversion of your check into an electronic funds transfer, please contact SFS at (206) 543-4694 or by email at sfshelp@u.washington.edu.

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*this schedule applies to normal poster materials

Specialty materials, mounting/laminating, and grommets add production time. Call for information.

RUSH order: only when workload allows; 100% surcharge. Call first to inquire.

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