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Group Orders

Group Orders are especially useful for class projects or event.

A "GROUP" uses the same


Contact us to to discuss your project and timeline at
uwposter@u.washington.edu or

Place a group order

Please provide the following information:

  1. List of individual names
  2. Group or class name
  3. Poster parameters:
    1. Size, w x h
    2. Poster paper (read about materials).
  4. Proof: "lab" or "contract" (Read more about proof options.)
  5. Budget number
  6. Contact person for group order: name, email and phone numbers
  7. Pick up arrangements, e.g., individual or designated person (provide name and contact information)

Turnaround times

Groups of 3-15 allow a minimum of a week from submission until completion.

Groups of 15-30 allow 2 weeks. Larger groups please call.


Students should bring their poster files to room T271, Health Sciences Center. Staff will guide them through the process. Offsite students can use the file upload link (include class name in budget # line).

Place Order

Upload Your Files

PROOF Turn-around – allow 1/2 day
Files submitted before: Proof available after:
10am 1pm
1pm 4pm
4pm 10am
next day

POSTER Turn-around*
– allow 24 hrs
Approval to print before: Poster available after:
10am 10am next day
1pm 1pm next day
4pm 4pm next day

*this schedule applies to normal poster materials

Specialty materials, mounting/laminating, and grommets add production time. Call for information.

RUSH order: only when workload allows; 100% surcharge. Call first to inquire.

Call us: 543-9275