Program Guidelines and Resources

These resources may be useful for current and future PREP students and mentors.

UW PREP Responsibilities and Guidelines

Research Ethics

Research Resources

The UW has access to most of the important journals. Many journal resources are behind a paywall, if you are not connected directly to the university network. If you’re researching from home drag the library’s proxy bookmarklet to your browsers bookmark bar and click on the bookmark either when you start a search or when you run into a journal’s paywall.

Journals and Books

Managing References

A number of web resources and applications have been developed to help navigate and keep track of journals. New reference manages such as Mendeley and Papers allow direct annotation of PDF files.

  • Web tools for navigating journals include: PubGet and cite-u-like
  • Many great reference manageres are now available for all platforms from open source projects. Some are even available for mobile.

Molecular Biology Databases and Resources

Sequence and structure are at the heart of modern biology and biochemistry. Familiarity with electronic resources cataloguing biological information, especially the resources provided by NCBI and EBI, is central to researching a biological problem and to understanding the literature.

Online Learning Resources

Online videos now provide a way to acquire new biology techniques and to work through university classes at your own pace.

Computer Resources

Many of UW’s software and IT resources are still available to PREP program participants even while classified as staff.

  • MyUW gives access to much of what can be accomplished with your UW NetID
  • The software resource, UWARE, may offer reasonable access to software used in research such as Microsoft Office
  • IT Connect lets you manage your account and access computing services

Transportation Resources

Transport between the UW Medical center and the Hutchinson Center is easy using either the free shuttle or the metro bus.

Department Seminars

Departments within the UW and the Hutchinson Center host many interesting seminars throughout the year. Watch departmental calendars and subscribe to department email lists to find about the events.

University of Washington


The FHCRC website provides a list of all scheduled scientific seminars. Some divisions have independent seminars and clubs.

Diversity Resources

The University of Washington has many programs and organizations dedicated to supporting students of color and underrepresented minorities in their education and career development. Many of these programs are described on the Diversity page.