Mentorship Program

About the Mentorship Program

The RCC Mentorship Program aims to involve undergraduates in computational research while offering graduate students an opportunity to gain valuable mentorship experience. Interested students, both undergraduate and graduate, can fill out the forms below to apply to the program.

Do you have a side project you’ve been meaning to start but haven’t had the time? Maybe you don’t have a specific project laid out but enjoy teaching and collaborating. If you are interested in mentoring but don’t have a defined project idea, feel free to fill out the form with your availability. The RCC will facilitate meetings with potential mentees where project ideas can be hashed out. Mentors will also receive training on mentoring students from our faculty sponsor and will be added to the priority queue on the STF partition on Mox.

Prior experience with computational research is not required to apply to the mentorship program. In addition to guidance from their mentor, mentees will receive training from the RCC on how to use the Hyak supercomputer, or how to apply for cloud credits.

The RCC can only match mentor/mentee pairs according to interest from both applicant pools, so it is not guaranteed that every applicant will be assigned a mentor/mentee.

Apply for the Mentorship Program

Applications for Mentors  (Graduate Students) can be found here: Mentor Application Form

Applications for Mentees (Undergraduate Students) can be found here: Mentee Application Form