2018-2019 Officers


President: Sarah Alamdari,

Ph.D. Student, Chemical Engineering

President (Fall 2018): Christopher Fu, Ph.D. Candidate, Chemical Engineering

Vice President: Andrew Wildman,

Ph.D. Student, Chemistry

Research Coordinator: Caitlyn Wolf,

Ph.D. Candidate, Chemical Engineering

Research Coordinator (Fall 2018): Sarah Alamdari Ph.D. Student, Chemical Engineering

Outreach Coordinator: Aakash Sur,

Ph.D. Student, Biomedical and Health Informatics

Cloud Account Manager: Kara Gallo,

Ph.D. Student, Chemistry

Cloud Coordinator: Rajat Chand,

M.S. Student, Mechanical Engineering

Training Coordinator: Luke Gibson,

Ph.D. Student, Chemical Engineering

Undergraduate Liaison: Leo (Zeyu) Liu

Sophomore, Computer Science Engineering and Mathematics

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Jim Pfaendtner,

Chemical Engineering


Previous Officers


President – Will Kearns, Ph.D. Biomedical and Health Informatics
Vice President – Shushan He, Ph.D. Chemistry
Research Coordinator – Christopher Fu, Ph.D. Chemical Engineering
Undergraduate Liason – Felix Leeb, Undergraduate Physics, Chemistry, Computer Science
Outreach Coordinator – Aakash Sur, Ph.D. student Biomedical and Health Informatics
Teaching Coordinator – Moke Mao, Ph.D. student Material Science & Engineering
Faculty Sponsor – Xiaosong Li, Professor, Chemistry


President – Adam Richie-Halford, Ph.D. Physics
Vice President – Shushan He, Ph.D. Chemistry
Research Coordinator – Will Kearns, Ph.D. Biomedical and Health Informatics
Undergraduate Liason – Tali Magidson, Undergraduate in Computer Science & Applied and Computational Mathematical Sciences
Outreach Coordinator – Kurt Sansom, Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering
Teaching Coordinator – Xinsheng Qin, Ph.D. Civil and Environmental Engineering & Master Student at Department of Applied Mathematics


President – Kayla Sprenger, Ph.D. Chemical Engineering
Vice President – Patrick Lestrange, Ph.D. Chemistry
Hyak Usage Manager – Adam Richie-Halford, Ph.D. Physics
Webmaster – Rebecca Harris, Ph.D. Biology
Training & Outreach Coordinator – Danny Sale, Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering
Faculty Sponsor – Jim Pfaendtner, Associate Professor, Chemical Engineering