Submitted by tree4health on Sun, 03/29/2020 - 14:50

Thermal Ablation

“Like all health care professionals, our Farmer Health Program (FHP) partners in Kenya rely on their equipment to provide proper treatment.  Identification and removal of pre-cancerous lesions is the most effective way to prevent cervical cancer. 

Up until January, AKUH had been using a cryotherapy system to remove pre-cancerous lesions from FHP participants.   Thanks to donors we were able to use FHP funds to replace the outdated and problematic cryotherapy equipment with a modern thermal ablation “coagulator” system. 

Rather than using liquid nitrogen from a cumbersome and unreliable tank, thermal ablation technology uses heat produced by electricity to achieve the same result.  The equipment is more portable, more reliable and has a much longer lifespan than cryotherapy tools. It’s also easier for medical professionals to use which allows for more frequent and more effective treatments. 

More info about our Farmer Health Program can be found on our website, and we’ll continue to provide updates from FHP events in Kenya.  In the meantime, from Atlas, TREE (Treatment, Research and Expert Education), and AKUH (Aga Khan University Hospital) another huge thanks to donors for your support!”

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