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About TREE

TREE envisions a world where world-class academic health care is accessible in every corner of the globe.

To improve the health of patients in resource-limited settings through innovative research, academic training, and compassionate practice.

Values and Beliefs
Because we value LEARNING, TREE engages in rigorous scientific research.  Our research questions are driven by the health needs of the patients we treat and the communities we serve. Our pursuit of knowledge forms TREE’s trunk that grows into multiple branches of learning.

Because we value TEACHING, TREE trains students in evidence-based medicine, research skills, and health care service delivery. We believe that making academic resources available to students throughout the world will improve global health outcomes. TREE disperses seeds of knowledge for future generations.

Because we value EMPATHY in all aspects of our work, we prioritize the health needs of the whole person in his or her development and treat with compassion. We draw strength from TREE’s deep roots that are planted in the settings where we work.