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Audio and Video Conferencing

Service Description: 

Rates for this service are for FY15

At the University of Washington there are several conferencing solutions to meet your conferencing needs.  The solutions are comprised of:
  • Audio-only
  • A mix of audio and video
  • Audio, video, and content sharing
Service Options: 

Basic Audio-Only Conferencing – Anyone using a campus phone can make at least a three way conference call.  Multi-button phone are capable of hosting up to a 6-party conference.

Expanded Audio-Only Conferencing – If you would like to host a meeting with more than 6 people there are two options:
  • UW-IT provides a reservation-less audio conferencing bridge with capacity for up to 30 participants.  This system allows organizations to hold conference calls on-demand, without paying per-use fees, for simple reservation-less conference calls. Advantages include:
    • Easy to use, low-cost conferencing solution for up to 30 parties
    • Best solution for day-to-day, impromptu conferencing needs
    • No per minute/per participant charges for conference users
  • Third-party Conferencing solutions provided by Premier Global Services (PGI) and Arkadin.  These vendors offer different pricing and coverage areas.
    • PGI provides large audio on-demand conferences, international conferences, and special events.  Conferencing options are outlined here.
    • Arkadin is an alternative conferencing service with similar service to PGI. 
Video conferencing with audio participants – Video can be added to any meeting using Adobe Connect, Microsoft Lync, or through our membership with the K-20 Education network.
  • Adobe Connect – Adobe Connect is a Flash-based virtual meeting room that allows you to connect with other PC users to share audio, video, applications, and chat.  More information about Adobe connect can be found here.
  • Microsoft Lync - UW Lync is the University of Washington subscription to Lync Online, a Microsoft O365 service.  Audio/video participation is limited to only Lync users.  More information about Microsoft Lync can be found here.
  • K-20 – K-20 is a state run organization that offers video bridging services to its members.  Participants can join using desktop computers or room-based conference units like Polycom or Lifesize.  More information about the K20 video services can be found here.
Content Sharing – Content sharing can be accomplished through any of the three videoconferencing service options above.  For more information about each, follow the links above.
UW faculty; UW staff; UW Medical Center; Harborview Medical Center; UW Physicians Network and Neighborhood Clinics; Anyone with a valid budget number .
How to Order: 

Email: help@uw.edu
Phone: 206-221-5000

Conference call services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Staff are available Monday through Friday 8 am to 5 pm. Some conferencing products are available 24 x 7.
Requests for conferencing are handled 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m., Monday - Friday.




Rates effective July 1, 2014 for FY2015.

Meet-Me Conferencing
One time setup charge No charge
Monthly recurring charge $ 3.76 per virtual telephone number
Toll-Free Access $ 0.06 per minute/per participant
Applicable toll-free and long distance charges will apply.  

Premier Global Services (PGI)
Global Meet $0.10 per minute/per participant
Scheduled Ready Conference $0.06 per minute/per participant
Toll free access $0.06 per minute/per participant

Arkadin Anytime Conferences
USA Toll $0.02/minute per participant
Toll Free $0.023/minute per participant
International pricing See PDF attachment
Global Crossing/Level 3 Ready Access (legacy service, no new accounts added) $0.29 per minute/per participant

Adobe Connect
Meeting host license $21.20 per account/per month



Additional Information: 
Detailed information about this service, including comparison tables and "how to" information:
Service Level Description: 

Lead time to set up a teleconference is 24 hours prior to the conference for PGI. Meet Me and Adobe conferences generally require 7 days prior notification for set-up.

Support Information: 
For 24 x 7 technical support on either your Adobe Connect web conference or Arkadin audio conference, contact Arkadin Customer Support at 1-866-922-9566 or press *0 from within your Arkadin audio conference. 
For your PGI audio conference, contact the PGI Technical Support Center at 1-888-569-3848 Option 2 or press *0 from within your PGI audio conference. 
All account questions or changes should go to the UW-IT Service Center at 206-221-5000 or help@uw.edu.
Contact for More Information: 

Email help@uw.edu or call 206-221-5000.

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