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Service Description: 

The UW NetID service provides ways for the UW community to create and manage digital identities and the UW. UW NetIDs are used for authentication, accounts, email addresss, and other computing purposes where unique identification is required. There are different types of UW NetIDs to support a diversity of needs, including Personal, Shared, Temporary, and Admin UW NetIDs.

Service Options: 

Personal UW NetIDs
A UW NetID (with password) is your personal identification for using UW online resources.  With a personal UW NetID, you can access computing services available to you based on your association with the UW (i.e. student, faculty, staff, alumni, retiree, or other affiliate).

Your computing services may include Web interfaces used to:

  • Access your MyUW page, from which you can check your personal UW informaiton (e.g. grades, class schedules, employee payroll records and benefits)
  • Turn on UW email accounts with forwarding options, along with other computer services (e.g. lab access, research computing, Web publishing)
  • Access secure aplications required for university administrative work (e.g. financial, payroll, and student databases)
  • Give UW alumni access to computing services

Shared UW NetIDs
Shared UW NetIDs provide you with an account for shared access to resources.  Shared UW NetIDs enable:

  • Departmental accounts for departmental email, public Web sites, and role-based accounts
  • Course accounts for course related email, Web publishing, and Catalyst Tools
  • Accounts for student clubs and organizations registered through the Student Activities Office
  • Forwarding accounts for email forwarding

Temporary UW NetIDs
Temporary UW NetIDs allow you to give temporary access to online services that are not personalized, such as access to the UW wireless networks.

Admin UW NetIDs
Admin UW NetIDs provide you an account separate from your personal UW NetID for administering a set of workstations, servers, or a domain  An Admin UW NetID is required for some functions, including administration of the central NETID Windows domain service.

Application UW NetIDs
An application UW NetID allows you to give computing applications access to other applications and services.


UW faculty, UW staff, UW students, UW alumni, UW clinicians, UW affiliated organizations, Washington state clinicians, Cascadia Community College, Seattle Cancer Care Alliance, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, UW Visitors

How to Order: 

Personal UW NetIDs
People who are members of eligible UW populations can get a UW NetID at:

Know someone who is not eligible, but who needs access to UW computing resources? UW faculty and staff can sponsor a UW NetID at:

Need to assign the employee computing service package to an individual who is not otherwise eligible? Use the "Assign" tool at:

Shared UW NetIDs
UW faculty and staff may request departmental and course shared UW NetIDs at:

Temporary UW NetIDs
UW faculty and staff can assign temporary wireless access to visitors at:

Temporary UW NetIDs are available for other custom uses. To learn more, email help@uw.edu.

Admin UW NetIDs
Additional information at:

Application UW NetIDs
General availability expected in summer 2010. To learn more, email help@uw.edu.


Hours available: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week


This service is included in the Technology Recharge Fee.

No charge for Personal, Shared, Temporary, Admin, and Application UW NetIDs.

Support for non-standard uses may result in a consulting fee.

Additional Information: 

Personal UW NetIDs

Sponsoring a Personal UW NetID

Shared UW NetIDs

Temporary UW NetIDs

Admin UW NetIDs

If you have additional questions, please contact the UW Information Technology Service Center at 206-221-5000 or via email at help@uw.edu.

Service Level Description: 

Uptime:  Continuous, all days and hours.  Service issues will be addressed based on priority and resource availability.

Support Information: 
Contact for More Information: 

Call 206-221-5000 or email help@uw.edu.

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