Radiology 695 clerkship in Interventional Radiology


• 4 week subspecialty elective in Interventional Radiology

• Available from August through June (not available in July)

• A maximum of 3 students can be accommodated per block. Only 1 student will be assigned to a site during any given week


• Three site options are offered, to be assigned on a first-come, first serve basis

◦ Puget Sound VA based: 4 weeks at the Puget Sound VA Hospital

◦ UW Medical Center based: 3 weeks at the UW Medical Center and 1 week at Harborview Medical Center

◦ Mixed site: 1-2 weeks at Harborview Medical Center, 1-2 weeks at Seattle Children’s Hospital, and 1 week at the UW Medical Center. The number of weeks at Harborview versus Seattle Children’s will be up to the student, depending on level of personal interest in pediatrics

• Students seeking advice on choosing between the 3 site options should contact the Interventional Radiology Medical Student clerkship director:


To obtain permission to enroll, please send a letter of interest to Diane Herring: