Volume 12 (1995)

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Editors: Hideo Makihara and Hiromi Sato

Author Title
Kristin Denham An Account of Wh-Fronting in Aleut
Michael Gamon German Word Stress in a Restricted Metrical Theory
Randall S. Gess Temporal Argument Structure and Clitic Climbing in Romance
Tai-Soo Kim A Refinement of Checking Theory and a Model-Structure of Korean Functional Categories
James Lyle Deriving Split Ergativity: Case and Agreement in Georgian
Hideo Makihara On the Suspension of that-t Effect
Antxon Olarrea The Relevance of VSO Languages in Acquisition Studies: Some Empirical Predictions
Hiromi Sato Subevent Temporal Arguments and Inner AspP: An Analysis of Double-Object, Verb-Particle Constructions and the Distribution of Manner Adverbs
Tomoko Sekiguchi The Role of the Head-Direction Parameter in the Acquisition of Japanese Noun Phrase by English and Chinese/Korean Speakers
Siri G. Tuttle The Peg Prefix, the Foot and the Word Minimum: Evidence from Salcha Athabaskan
Kevin Varden On the Accent of Two-Character Sino-Japanese Words: Are They Really Two-Yes, Two--Two Morphs in One?