Volume 34 (2016)

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Editor: Leanne Rolston

Author Title
Michele Alves Agreement interference effects of number in coreference processing in Brazilian Portuguese (pp. 3 – 18)
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Pooja Booluck The relevance of the U-Shaped Learning Model to the Acquisition of the Difference Between c'est and il est in the English Learners of French Context (pp. 19 – 39)
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Taiwo Oluwaseum Ehineni Variable Realization of Interdental Fricatives in Nigerian English (pp. 40 – 49)
[Full text; PDF 377KB] [.bib]
Kelli Lynn Finney Opaque Interactions of OT-CC: The Case of Sm'algax Interrupted Vowels (pp. 50 – 74)
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Ryosuke Hattori The Majority Influence in English-Chinese-Japanese Trilingual Acquisition (pp. 75 – 88)
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Samuel A. Navarro & Nayid Conteras Telecollaboration, to what extent is this a valuable addition to a Spanish Language Program? (pp. 89 – 110)
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Nancy Stern Word order as a signal of meaning: English reflexive pronouns and why we behave ourselves (pp. 111 – 119)
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