Group Updates

Dr. Dan Tofan Joins Group & Farewell Summer Students

This month, postdoctoral researcher Dr. Daniel “Dan” Tofan (Ph.D, MIT 2013) joined the Velian group.¬† Welcome, Dan! This summer, we’ve been lucky to have Muammer Yaman (MS, Bilkent University, TR 2017), Benjamin “Ben” Mitchell (BS, Pitzer College 2018), Elizabeth Ramirez (BS, UW exp. 2022; CEI […]

Group Updates: Grad Visit Weekend, Cherry Blossoms & Alexandra’s Birthday!

It’s been a long and busy school year in the Velian group! A few updates since our last posting: In December, second-year graduate student¬†Christine Chang¬†(BS, Caltech 2013) joined the group. Welcome, Christine! In February, along with the other inorganic chemistry groups at UW, we welcomed […]

Andrew, Our First Undergraduate Student, Joins Lab

Andrew Boggiano, a rising junior at UW and a chemistry major, joins our group’s synthetic efforts!

Yuka and Jon join the group for the summer

Yukako “Yuka” Sakazaki (BS Caltech 2017) and Jonathan “Jonny K” Kephart (BS University of Wyoming, 2017) arrive at UW to spend the summer getting our lab started!      

T Zero

Alexandra moved cross-country and arrives at UW. What a beautiful summer morning on the UW campus! Check out the Chemistry Building and Mount Rainier. It’s time to put her “professional shopper” hat on and start setting up the lab.