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Welcome to Austria!
A nice page introducing the country of Austria (broken down by principalities). (E&G)

The city of Vienna
Official homepage of the city. With history, photos, and cultural links. In English and German.

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A Report from Vienna (Amos Elon)

The Ringstrasse

An artists representation

An overhead map

Vienna City Plan ca. 1850

The purpose of this web site is to establish an interactive electronic framework in which to examine the diversity, productivity, and central themes of Viennese culture around 1900. "Vienna 1900" attempts to analyze Vienna and its cultural currents as the prototype of a highly interactive and multi-disciplinary intellectual environment. The site thus functions as a research and teaching platform with three distinct but related aims:
1) study of the rich intellectual culture of turn-of-the-century Vienna;
2) examination of the crucial issues of Western modernism in a specific sociopolitical and cultural context;
3) demonstration of interdisciplinary approaches in the humanities to complex socio-cultural configurations.