Community College Program

The MESA Community College Program (MCCP) promotes equitable access to increase representation in STEM fields. Our goal is to further pave pathways for early college students to become the next leaders in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

The MCCP Program partners with two and four year colleges to provide an environment of support through workshops, dedicated MESA study centers, and career and professional development.

The MCCP offers:

Student Testimonials

“As a first generation, low-income, woman of color in STEM who recently immigrated to the U.S., I needed help navigating the U.S. college system. MESA gave me all the tools I needed to explore opportunities and become successful. MESA assisted me with getting my Associate of Science degree and transferring to the University of Washington-Seattle, where I now pursue my education in pure Mathematics. MESA thrives for student success and provides you any support you need to build your own future.”

–  Tina Rajado, Edmonds College MESA Alumni

“I’m happy to say that since being involved with MESA, I have begun a lifelong journey of leadership, growth and discovery, and I am so surprised by the amount of support I’m receiving. Seeing people who come from diverse backgrounds engage in learning with just as much enthusiasm as I have affirms my passions for enriching humanity with STEM. MESA has played a really pivotal role in my education.”

– Jezabel Garcia, Seattle Central College MESA Alumni

Community College Site Directors