While school may not be in session, there is still plenty of fun and engaging STEM-powered activities for students to do.

Take Photos with Real NASA Telescopes Online!

Participate in NASA’s MicroObersatory challenge. You can virtually access one of NASA’s telescopes around the world to take your very own photos and use the same program Scientists use to develop the photos. Both the telescope and the processing program can be accessed through your browser. To read a more detailed guide on how to get started and taking your very own photos of the universe, visit here.

Bring the Ocean to you!

You don’t have to go to the beach or visit an aquarium to get up close to interesting marine life. Watch live-streamed footage of harbor seals and otters at the Seattle Aquarium. Monterrey Bay Aquarium has live feeds of shark habitats, jellyfish, and see who’s hanging out in the kelp forest.

Clean up, Washington!

If you’re going to enjoy one of Washington’s many great trails, lakes, and parks make sure you’re practicing “Leave no Trace”, take everything that you brought with you including all garbage. To help preserve Washington’s natural areas, you can pick up any garbage that you see along your way. Here are some more outdoor tips

Make a Solar S’mores Oven!

Humans have been using the sun to cook their food since the 7th century. Today, we are able to use the sun to make enough energy to power buildings, machines, and even some airplanes. You can make your very own solar oven with household materials to cook s’mores!

While we hope students are enjoying their summer, we can’t wait to see our MESA students again this fall. Have a fun and safe summer!