Natasha Gulati

Graduate Student, Clinical Psychology

I received my B.A. in psychology and business from Gonzaga University, where I became interested in the intersection of substance use, trauma, and health risk behaviors in community populations. Toward the end of my undergraduate career, I completed a research internship at Oregon Health and Science University, further solidifying my passion for evidence-based intervention and treatment for individuals impacted by violence and addiction. After graduation, I worked with Dr. Cynthia Stappenbeck and Dr. Christine Lee at the UW School of Medicine managing two NIAAA-funded grants focused on alcohol use, risk behaviors, and sexual trauma in young adulthood.

In graduate school, my primary research interest involves elucidating the cognitive, social, and individual difference mechanisms involved in alcohol-related physical, psychological, and sexual aggression perpetration. Specifically, my research focuses on delineating synergistic risk factors for aggressive behavior, including acute alcohol intoxication, emotion dysregulation, and distress tolerance. Ultimately, I aim to conduct research that can inform intervention and prevention efforts for both perpetrators and victims of physical, psychological, and sexual violence.