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The 4x4 Initiative

Writing-Integration Workshops for Faculty

Sponsored by the College of Arts and Sciences, the 4x4 Initiative supported faculty-development in the teaching of writing. The initiative enrolled 4 faculty members from each of 4 different departments annually. The program's goal was to help faculty redesign individual courses and departmental curricula in ways that make writing a powerful tool for student learning rather than simply a method of “generating a grade." For more information on writing-integrated courses see our page on Writing-Integrated Course Design.

The 4x4 Initiative hosted a series of workshops and events that invited faculty on the UW campus to discuss their plans for integrating writing into undergradaute course work and design effective writing assignments. Faculty from participating units took different paths to address their department’s and students' writing needs; some focused on redesigning an undergraduate course they had taught previously and others developed a new undergraduate course within an existing departmental curriculum.

Workshops focused on topics such as:

Faculty participants met three to four times during Fall, once during Winter and once during Spring quarters to discuss their progress on the design or redesign of courses, to share about success and strategies, and to reflect on what makes for their most successful courses.

The 4x4 Initiative also sponsored half-day workshops in departments with faculty interested in working on particular issues related to writing-integration or courses offered through their departments.

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