Writing Resources for
Departments, Teachers, & Students

Who We Are

Who is the College of Arts and Sciences Writing Program?

The CAS Writing Program is a collaboration of many different writing programs and administrators who have major roles in supporting students and faculty in the College of Arts and Sciences as well as across the campus as a whole.

Director of the Writing Program

John Webster (Associate Professor of English) has been Director of the Writing Program for the College of Arts and Sciences since 2003. The Director's primary role is to work with the College Deans to build a "culture of writing" throughout the College and to collaborate with writing faculty and staff on a number of programs and initiatives across the College.

Writing Administrators Advisory Committee (WRAAC)

WRAAC consists of writing program administrators and writing faculty to coordinate writing programs on campus, develop new writing support initiatives for instructors and students, and actively shape the "culture of writing" at the university.

What does the Writing Program do?

We support faculty throughout the college in developing well-designed, effective writing assignments by offering seminars and workshops on writing-integrated course design (such as the 4x4 program).

We support students in completing faculty-assigned work through access to writing center mentoring. Creating the Odegaard Writing and Research Center (OWRC) was a Writing Program initiative designed to support students.

We support incoming international and ELL students with innovative "writing-ready" courses, like English 108, as part of Early Fall Start.

We support the work of writing programs throughout the college by coordinating programs, writing centers, and campus administrative offices.