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Recent Articles

Here's just a small sampling of recent articles by members of the Applied Mathematics department:

Ozone Induced Surface Climate Change
Ka Kit Tung, Y. Hu, D.T. Shindell, and G.A. Schmidt, (.ps, .pdf)

The 11-Year Solar Cycle in the Lower Stratosphere Extracted by the Empirical Mode Decomposition Method
Ka Kit Tung and K.T. Coughlin, (.ps, .pdf)

On the Differences between 2D and QG Turbulence
Ka Kit Tung and Wendell Welch Orlando, (.ps, .pdf)

Interannual and Decadal Variations of Planetary-Wave Activity, Stratospheric Cooling, and Northern-Hemisphere Annular Mode
Yonghun Hu and Ka Kit Tung, (.ps, .pdf)

Tropospheric and Equatorial Influences on Planetary-Wave Amplitude in the Stratosphere
Yongyun Hu and Ka Kit Tung, (.ps, .pdf)

QBO Signal found at the Extratropical Surface through Northern Annular Modes
Katie Coughlin and Ka Kit Tung, (.ps, .pdf)

Remarks on Charney's Note on Geostrophic Turbulence
Ka Kit Tung and W.T. Welch, (.ps, .pdf)

The k-3 and k-5/3 Energy Spectrum of Atmospheric Turbulence, Part I: Quasi-Geostrophic Two-level Model Simulation
Ka Kit Tung and W.W. Orlando, (.ps, .pdf)

Mechanisms by Which Extra-tropical Wave Forcing in the Winter Stratosphere Induces Upwelling in the Summer Hemisphere
Ka Kit Tung and Jonathan S. Kinnersley, (.ps, .pdf)

On the Seasonal Asymmetry of the Low and Middle Latitude QBO Circulation Anomaly
Jonathan S. Kinnersley, to appear in May, 1999 (.ps, .pdf)

Mechanisms for the Extra-Tropical QBO in Circulation and Ozone Column
Jonathan S. Kinnersley and K.K. Tung, J. Atmospheric Sci., 56, 1942-1962, 1999 (.ps, .pdf)

Nonlinear baroclinic adjustment and wavenumber selection in a simple case
W.T. Welch and K.K. Tung, J. Atmospheric Sci., 55, 1205-1302, 1998 (.ps, .pdf)

Modeling the global inter-annual variability of the ozone column due to the equatorial quasi-biennial oscillation and extra-tropical planetary wave variability
J.S. Kinnersley and K.K. Tung, J. Atmospheric Sci., 55, 1417-1428, 1998 (.ps, .pdf)

Interannual variability of stratospheric zonal wind force by the Northern lower-stratospheric large-scale waves
J.S. Kinnersley, JAS, to appear, 1998 (.ps, .pdf)

On the equilibrium spectrum of transient waves in the atmosphere
W.T. Welch and K.K. Tung, J. Atmospheric Sci., 55, 2833-2851, 1998 (.ps, .pdf)

Equilibration of Baroclinic Flows and the Role of Linear Stability Analysis
W.T. Welch and K.K. Tung, J. Atmospheric Sci., submitted, 1998 (.ps, .pdf)

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