Don’t Miss our AMP Open House  on January 24, 2018!

The AMP Lab is a collaboration at the University of Washington between the College of Engineering and Rehabilitation Medicine that seeks to amplify human and robotic movement and performance.  The AMP Lab seeks to advance our understanding of the dynamics and control of movement to design treatment strategies and assistive technologies that improve function, performance, and quality of life for people in health and disease.

The AMP Lab enables experiments with clinical and research populations, featuring a rich sensor suite (high-speed motion capture/videography, instrumented treadmills/force plates, and wearable devices) and infrastructure (bodyweight support system, heterogeneous terrain) to facilitate research that advances understanding of human and robot movement.

We expect the facility to open for the UW community in Fall 2017 on the first floor of Wallace Hall.

The AMP Lab is co-directed by Sam Burden (EE), Kat Steele (ME), and Val Kelly (Rehab Med).