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  1. We recognize and support different interests, viewpoints and backgrounds of Section Members. However, we will not be paralyzed by our diversity; we will adopt Section positions even if there is dissenting minority opinion.
  2. Members should have access to information about Section activities, and have the opportunity to participate.
  3. Our advocacy should be proactive and well-planned.  While we will decline some last minute requests in order to preserve time to pursue the goals below, we will have a mechanism for and remain open to reacting quickly in certain situations.
  4. We will seek opportunities to work closely with other APHA Sections, and maintain formal liaisons with other environment and health activities at APHA (e.g., the National Environmental Health Coalition, the Environmental Health Partnership and the Environment and Health Task Force).
  5. We will be mindful that we are a volunteer organization.  The objectives and work plans we agree on for any given year should not be overly ambitious, but should reflect time commitments by members.  Out of respect for ourselves individually and collectively, we should expect that the work we undertake--though less ambitious than if it were our day job--will be timely and of high quality.


  1. Improve environment and health practice such that public health and environmental protection are integrated into practice level decision-making.
  2. Strengthen APHA's role as a respected national and international force to improve   environmental, health and other policies so the policies recognize environmental     components of disease and promote prevention.
  3. Mobilize Section members to collaborate with APHA staff and leaders in work on environmental health policy and practice.  Serve as the primary source for APHA staff and leadership of expertise and guidance on environmental health issues.
  4. Build and sustain a strong and active membership base through strategic recruitment, opportunities for participation, effective communication and member recognition.
  5. Ensure that the APHA Annual Meeting is a dynamic and current forum for environmental health issues, thereby meeting the needs and interest of Section members, building the awareness of all APHA members about environmental health, and increasing the Section's membership.

The section is led by its elected officers (chair person, chair-elect, secretary, six section councilors elected from the members at large, and four members of the section elected to the APHA Governing Council.  In addition there are numerous opportunities for other section members to become involved in the section in a leadership capacity.  Helping with the Section Newsletter, chairing one of the various standing or ad hoc committees, participating in the APHA policy process are all activities that are open to any of our members.

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Various committees are established by the Section Bylaws to facilitate the accomplishment of our Section Mission and Goals.  In addition, the Section Council has established additional committees over the past several years to focus more attention on the five priority goals outlined above.

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