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   Home of the ASIM PET simulation software package.
   Revised: October 15, 2012

ASIM is a software package designed as a fast analytic simulator for positron emission scanners. This process uses a monte-carlo approach to allow the rapid generation of multiple realizations with realistic resolution properties. The simulator provides a wide variety of options including the simulation of emission data, image data, randoms, scatter, detector efficiencies, attenuation correction, normalization, and noise propagation.

Transverse orthogonal sections through a 20 cm diameter cylindrical phantom with hot spheres supported by plastic rods. Left: Measured data from a Siemens/CTI ECAT HR+ scanner. Right: Simulated data for the same acquisition using ASIM. Measured and simulated images of MRI and PET images of hypoxic glioma tumor cells. (From Gu S et al. Math. Med. Biol. 2011.)

                                                                  The geometry of the calculation of scatter for acquisitions without septa. Because of the Compton scattering, both single photons and the scanner axis can not be considered as lying in the same plane.                                                                  

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